Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services

18 - 19 February, 2014

Hilton Syon Park , London, United Kingdom

Welcome to the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services: Building Customer Trust & Driving Profitable Growth with a Holistic Customer Experience Strategy

"95% of Business Leaders see customer experience as the next competitive battleground" (Gartner)

In today's volatile economy, pressure is building for financial service organisations to regain customer trust and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Increasing amounts of data, rapidly evolving technology and rising customer expectations mean delivering a consistent and holistic customer experience is paramount to the success of the industry as whole.

Attend the Customer Experience in Financial Services Exchange along with Europe's leading minds in customer and brand experience from across a range of B2B and B2C financial service organisations, to discuss key issues including:

  • Effectively managing the migration to online and mobile banking
  • Extracting maximum value from social media to ensure a holistic customer experience
  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory environment
  • Implementing appropriate processes and channel strategies to counter changes in consumer behaviour
  • Moving from 'big data' to actionable insight to drive continuous business improvements
  • Embedding customer centricity through effective people engagement, motivation and training

Leading Case Studies, Discussions & Debates Led By

 Tracy Garrad
Tracy Garrad
Head of First Direct
First Direct
 Alan Grogan
Alan Grogan
Chief Analytics Officer
 Michael Gould
Michael Gould
Chief Operating Officer
 Darrell Evans
Darrell Evans
Chief Customer Officer
 Andrew Richards
Andrew Richards
Director of Regional Retail Banking
Metro Bank
 Anne Grim
Anne Grim
Managing Director, Global Head of Client Experience
 Robert Collignon
Robert Collignon
SVP, Brand & Customer Strategy
 Alessandro Colafranceschi
Alessandro Colafranceschi
SVP, Global Head Online & Mobile Banking
 Martin Coppack
Martin Coppack
Head of Partnerships

Featured Downloads


  • The battle lines are drawn! Are you ready?The battle lines are drawn! Are you ready?

    With 95% of business leaders seeing customer experience as the next competitive battleground (Gartner), it’s time to think seriously about how your customer experience strategy will build customer trust and increase profitability. Although some financial organisations are moving in the right direction, is anyone actually winning? Are you confident your customer experience will result in competitive advantage? Are you doing enough to stay in the race? Now is the time to make real, tangible changes. The battle lines have been drawn...are you ready?

  • Gaining the support and buy-in of the business leaders in your organisationGaining the support and buy-in of the business leaders in your organisation

    Jasmine Green, Chief Customer Advocate and Vice President at Nationwide Insurance discusses how the biggest challenge has been gaining the support and buy-in of all the business leaders in her organisation, and how she would do things differently if she had just started in her role.

  • Interview: Anthony Thompson, Metrobank Interview: Anthony Thompson, Metrobank
    Anthony Thomson, Co-Founder & former Chairman– Metro Bank joined the Customer Management Exchange Network to discuss how making the customer your number 1 priority can drive your business forward. Anthony also gives his insight into what role customer culture plays in delivering an exceptional customer experience and what one piece of advice he'd give to financial services moving into 2014.
  • Interview: Mark Mullen, First Direct Interview: Mark Mullen, First Direct
    What's it like to be at the helm of a bank that is a new kind of bank for a new kind of customer? What challenges does Mark Mullen, Chief Executive Officer, First Direct face when trying to ensure this message is delivered throughout the business? Mark gives us an exclusive insight into what role employee engagement plays in the success of First Direct and how customer loyalty is their benchmark for a reliable and superior service.


  •  Customer Experience for Financial Services Industry Report Customer Experience for Financial Services Industry Report

    To better understand where the customer management for financial services market is headed, the Customer Management Exchange Network examined the primary challenges facing Chief Customer Officers, VPs and Directors of Customer Experience from leading UK & European retail banks, commercial banks, insurance providers, credit card agencies, consumer lenders and regulators


  • Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services: Post Event ReportCustomer Experience Exchange for Financial Services: Post Event Report
    The inaugural Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services brought together over 60 C-level customer experience specialists to discuss, strategize and revolutionise the building of customer trust whilst continuing to drive profitability and growth using a holistic customer experience strategy. Download your free copy of the post event report which summarises the key insights gained at the Exchange and contains cutting edge content, onsite interviews with the likes of Anthony Thomson (Co-Founder, MetroBank) and Mark Evans (CMO, Direct Line Group), and insight into the latest industry trends as well as a look ahead to 2014 and more.
  • What is Customer Experience?What is Customer Experience?

    Ensuring a great multi-channel customer experience, hinges on an organizations’ ability to put the customer at the heart of the business. This video, produced by the Customer Management Exchange Network, serves to demonstrate the importance of customer experience in today’s environment touching on critical strategic issues such as customer loyalty, accountability & ROI, social media and customer centricity.