Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services

23 - 24 February, 2015

London, UK


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The networking was fantastic, the content was rich, this was well executed and definitely a great spend of two days’ Managing Director, Global Head of Client Experience, Barclays

Around the world banking customers are feeling discomfort. They despair at their terms of contract that they can’t understand and bristle at sluggish handling of complaints. This, coupled with legislation changes and the accusations to the industry has shaken customer confidence.

This signals a call to action, a fundamental change in direction if you will. Ultimately this requires a business model that consistently puts the customer at the heart of all activities and decisions.

The Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services brings together 80 C-level and VPs/Directors of Customer Experience, Marketing and Digital Strategy from across the industry to discuss the practicalities of increasing customer retention and loyalty in this hypercompetitive market.

You will access knowledge from the most advanced companies and people in the field. You can listen to them talk, but through interactive discussions and innovative networking formats, you will also get the answers to YOUR specific questions.

Attend the Customer Experience in Financial Services Exchange along with Europe's leading minds in customer and brand experience from across a range of B2B and B2C financial service organisations, to discuss key issues including:

  • Effectively managing the migration to online and mobile banking
  • Extracting maximum value from social media to ensure a holistic customer experience
  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory environment
  • Implementing appropriate processes and channel strategies to counter changes in consumer behaviour
  • Moving from 'big data' to actionable insight to drive continuous business improvements
  • Embedding customer centricity through effective people engagement, motivation and training
Take a look at the agenda for more insight.

2015 Speaker Highlights

John Lewis
Andrew Murphy
Board Director, Retail
John Lewis
First Direct
Tracy Garrad
First Direct
Raja Rajamannar
Chief Marketing Officer
Ida Luka-lognoné
Board Member, Head of Strategy, Innovation & Market Management
Standard Life
Stephen Ingledew
Managing Director, Customers & Marketing
Standard Life
Sarah Hicks
Managing Director, Digital Banking Multi-Channel
Paolo Barbesino
First Vice President, Head of Internet & Mobile Banking
Deutsche Bank
Bijna K. Dasani
Vice President
Deutsche Bank
The Post Office
Nicholas Kennett
Director of Financial Services
The Post Office
Paul Wishman
Group eCommerce Director
Neil Blagden
Director of Customer Experience & Operations
Jenny Groves
Customer Experience Director
Adam Morghem
UK Marketing Director, Commercial
Gary Hurry
Director of Marketing
Financial Ombudsman
Caroline Wells
Head of Outreach & Customer Insight
Financial Ombudsman
Joana Van Den-Brink Quintanilha
Senior Analyst

Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services Photo Gallery

Sponsors & Exhibitors
Media Partners

  • Exclusive Interview with Dan Balistierri, VP, Global Service & Experience MasterCard
    In this interview Dan discusses how MasterCard’s loyalty scheme contributes to consumer experience, how they are coping with the ever increasing shift towards digital in financial services as well as the most important elements when designing an omni-channel strategy. Dan also discusses the social hype as well as the three most important aspects of a customer experience strategy that financial services organisations need to focus on.
  • Exclusive Interview with Kelly Harper, Director Customer Experience Learning, BMO Financial Group
    We recently caught up with Kelly to discuss how BMO Financial Group communicates internal strategies to their customer focused teams. We also asked Kelly what the financial services sector needs to do to help rebuild customer trust and what the future holds for the Financial Services sector. A must watch.
  • Interview with Nancy Porter, SVP Marketing and Sales, Monarch Bank
    We recently sat down with Nancy to discuss how combining the marketing and training functions at Monarch has been the secret to them delivering a great customer experience as well as the initiatives Monarch have integrated to ensure the customer is always at the heart of their employees. Nancy also gives us great insight into the most important aspects of a customer experience strategy.
  • Exclusive Interview with Chris Brindley, Managing Director, Metro Bank
    We recently sat down with Chris to discuss why and how Metro Bank differentiate themselves from other Financial Services organisations with their customer service strategy, why they have 'fans’ instead of customers and the biggest challenges have faced as a financial institute in terms of behaving and being treated more like a retailer. Chris also discusses how Metro Bank go about building emotional engagement with customers.
  • Dummies Guide: Selling to Heads of Customer ExperienceDummies Guide: Selling to Heads of Customer Experience
    Customer Experience is the differentiator that large financial services organisations are using when seeking to gain competitive advantage whilst regaining trust. But the critical problem these organisations are facing is not knowing which solutions and technologies to choose from. They are continuously bombarded with the same sales message - so much so that they cannot differentiate between one offering and another!

    The Dummies Guide: Selling to Heads of Customer Experience, is a guide for solution providers focusing on what Customer Experience professionals are actually looking for, both in terms of their customer solutions technology, and more importantly in terms of the vendor relationships they wish to foster.
  • Forrester: Financial Services Firms Must Demonstrate Customer Advocacy In Every Interaction
    "If You Want Loyal Customers Don’t Waste Their Money Or Their Time". 

    Forrester Research will be presenting at the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services, and to give you a sneak preview, Forrester has shared this excerpt from its December report, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words When It Comes to Customer Centricity” written by VP and Principal Analyst, Megan Burns, for you to enjoy. A must read!
  • Understanding Customer Experience Leaders' with the Financial Services sector Top 10 Investment Priorities for 2015 and Beyond
    Ahead of the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services, we surveyed our elite group of customer experience leaders attending the event to understand their biggest customer experience challenges, and which tools and solutions they plan to invest in over the next 12 - 18 months to build customer trust and drive profitable growth with a holistic customer experience strategy.
  • Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services: Post Event Report
    The Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services brought together 60 C-level customer experience specialists to discuss, strategize and revolutionise the building of customer trust whilst continuing to drive profitability and growth using a holistic customer experience strategy.

    Download your free copy of the post event report which summarises the key insights gained at the Exchange and contains cutting edge content, onsite interviews and insight into the latest industry trends as well as a look ahead to 2015 and more.
  •  Customer Experience for Financial Services Industry Report Customer Experience for Financial Services Industry Report

    To better understand where the customer management for financial services market is headed, the Customer Management Exchange Network examined the primary challenges facing Chief Customer Officers, VPs and Directors of Customer Experience from leading UK & European retail banks, commercial banks, insurance providers, credit card agencies, consumer lenders and regulators

  • Defining the Strategy and Approach to Deliver a Consistent Global Experience; Anne Grim, Managing Director, Global Head of Client Services, Barclays
    Anne discusses how to deliver an excellent level of customer experience globally. Consistency in service excellence across a global business can be difficult to manage, and Anne shares her top tips for being able to develop an excellent service profit chain. Anne also discusses how to measure customer loyalty and how you can use that to leverage an excellent strategy
  • Defining and Leading Transformation in your Business to Deliver an Excellent Customer Experience; Michael Gould, Former COO, Hiscox
    Michael takes the time to talk about Hiscox' overall IT and Operational strategy. Michael takes you through his approach to delivering an operational strategy that fundamentally delivers a customer experience which it is now so famous for. Through change management and process orientation, Michael talks about adopting a lean process to ensure that everything is done to bring value to the customers.
  • Personalising your Customer Experience Cross Industry Panel Discussion
    Financial services can learn a great deal from other industries in relation to their customer experience. Banks and other institutes strive to deliver a personalised level of service to each individual, tailoring their service to each person. Is this the correct approach? Hear what Sainsbury’s, UCAS, EE, Metro Bank and Lithium have to say on the subject.
  • Bank 2.0: Get Ready for the New Era of Engagement Banking, Jelmer de Jong, Global Marketing Director, Backbase
    Omnichannel banking has evolved rapidly over the years and banks must now leverage their single view of the customer in coordinated and strategic ways. Global Marketing Director of Backbase, Jelmer de Jong, shared some remarkable trends relating to how omnichannel approaches have affected our lives. 98% of people move between a different device every single days. With statistics like this, it’s difficult not to appreciate how various new channels have disrupted the way people live their lives and choose to interact with their bank.
  • The Results are in! Who does the Market Perceive to have the Best Customer Experience Strategy in Europe?
    For seven years, Forrester's Customer Experience Index (CXi) study in the US has provided proof of the value of customer experience, and highlighted the best practices of companies that improve their customer experience. This year, Forrester is launching the same study in China and Europe, and the first glimpse of data is proving to be an interesting read. Jonathan Browne, Senior Analyst at Forrester, was able to, for the first time, reveal the customer experience leaders and laggards across eight European countries. This study focussed on which European brands are doing the best at meeting customers’ needs, which firms are easy and enjoyable to do business with, and whether customer experience quality translates to business success in Europe.
  • The Power of a Precise Consumer Understanding to make Effective Marketing Decisions and Drive Growth
    According to Oliver Rust, Senior Vice President, Global Financial Services, Nielsen, precision marketing is the key for customer engagement, and the link between brand promise and marketing needs to be clearly defined. Consumers expect their experience to deliver on the brand perception. If this is done, then customer trust can be re-set and consumers can be reconnected to their brand.
  • The battle lines are drawn! Are you ready?The battle lines are drawn! Are you ready?

    With 95% of business leaders seeing customer experience as the next competitive battleground (Gartner), it’s time to think seriously about how your customer experience strategy will build customer trust and increase profitability. Although some financial organisations are moving in the right direction, is anyone actually winning? Are you confident your customer experience will result in competitive advantage? Are you doing enough to stay in the race? Now is the time to make real, tangible changes. The battle lines have been drawn...are you ready?

  • What is Customer Experience?What is Customer Experience?

    Ensuring a great multi-channel customer experience, hinges on an organizations’ ability to put the customer at the heart of the business. This video, produced by the Customer Management Exchange Network, serves to demonstrate the importance of customer experience in today’s environment touching on critical strategic issues such as customer loyalty, accountability & ROI, social media and customer centricity.